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Etsy Shop Critique for a Jewelry Store in California

This Etsy shop critique is for a jewelry shop located in California.  This Etsy shop features a lot of really good items, but could use some work in taking their shop to the next level.  

The big issues here are titles and tags and missing some key areas. 

If you are looking to make your Etsy shop stand out, check out my Etsy Shop Critique listing on my Etsy Store:  BohoButtons.

Creating a winning Etsy store takes a lot of work, and you will want to have everything filled out.  With well over one million Etsy stores out there, you are going to want to stand out in every way possible!

Let's review this Etsy shop, which is full of some really great jewelry designs.


Dangle Colorful Sunflower Earrings | Foral Earrings | Statement Earrings

I saw that this was one of this shop's featured listings and it really jumped out at me, so I wanted to give some advice on how to make this one stand out and sell.  I really like the look of it.  The flower looks natural and the colors are beautiful. 

First, I noticed that the word “floral” was misspelled in the listing.  It happens!  

Second, this shop has some valuable real estate in the form of title space that isn’t being used, and you are going to want to try to maximize that with anything that people will be searching for.

Although these are sunflower earrings, I would put “flower dangle earrings” first.  This is the search term that most people will be looking for.  Second, I would mention sunflower.


Flower Dangle Earrings, Gold Sunflower Earring Set, Floral Nature Earrings, Colorful Gold Chain Jewelry, Beautiful Golden Earring


Flower Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Gold Jewelry, Gold Sunflower, Nature Earring, Chain Ear, Handmade, Natural Earring, Earring Set, Flower Jewel, Fun Earrings, Pretty Earrings, Earring Gift

Always use all 13 tags, as these are going to be what Etsy uses to send people to your shop when they search.  Tags do well when they match up to the words in your title.  If you run out of ideas, words like “gift” work well. 

In all of your listings, consider adding links to your other products.  This works well because it gives your customers a link to click to see your other products, and it helps with Google’s SEO algorithm (and possibly Etsy’s). 

One way to do this is with a listing is to say something like:  

Also, check out my beautiful handmade flower earrings!  [link]

We stock a wide selection of beautiful necklaces and earrings.  Check out our site:

Links that have in them will appear as links.  Links to outside sites will not appear as links.


Be wordy in your descriptions.  This will also help with Google SEO.  While Etsy search focuses on titles and tags, Google Search focuses on titles and description, so you want your description to compete well.  That means having a lot of information that can be picked up by those who are searching for a flower earring on Google. 

At the top of your description, include some keywords. 

“Flower Sunflower Earrings” should be stated in the first sentence (as you have).  Make sure all your listings are like this. 

Talk about what makes these earrings special.  Talk about the colors, the size, and why you like them.  Talk about what made you decide to make these earrings. 

You can also talk more about your shop here as well.  Include the links to other items in the listing somewhere. 

Do this with all of your listings.  


Ice Cream Earrings | Uv Resin | Resin Jewelry | Sweets | Treats | Gifts for Her | Candy

I love these earrings, and the pictures are great!  They look fun and great for a party.  Here are some more ideas for what to include in the title.  Ice Cream Earrings is perfect for the name of this listing. 

(You could also call it ice cream cone earrings)

Candy earring set, sweet treats, Candyland, Kids Earrings, Birthday Party, Ice Cream Scoop, Cheerful Fun Whimsical Cute

UV Resin Jewelry can replace “Uv Resin | Resin Jewelry” to give you more space.  

For tags, reuse some of those words.  Tags with two words work better than one, if two words fit.

Your description is really good for this item.  Just add a few links to some other items and one back to your main shop.    


Resin Tray, Makeup Tray, Serving Platter with Gold Leaf and Glitter

For this item, consider calling it something like “Gold Leaf Glitter Resin Tray”  or “Colorful Glitter Resin Tray” at the very beginning.

You could also use words like plate, jewelry holder, cute party tray, makeup holder, purple green pink tray, home decor…

Use these same words in your tags.  

This item could also be used on a desk to hold a phone, pens, candy.  Mention that in the descriptions or even in the tags.  “This tray works great for phones, treats, or anything you want to display in your home.”


Spooky Black Cat Necklace || Halloween || Meow || Holiday || Acrylic

I like the main title of “Spooky Black Cat Necklace” for this.  I would remove the double || and use either | or commas for more space for words.  

Consider using other words for cat such as kitten or a name of a popular breed (such as Bombay cat).  Also, include the word Jewelry.

Spooky Black Cat Necklace, Halloween Cat, Acrylic Jewelry, Kitten Necklace, Bombay Cat, Witch Fashion, Costume Cosplay

Thirteen tags should be used with these words in them. 

If you ever need help with ideas for titles and tags, just scroll to the bottom of your listing and see what the related searches show.  That’s a good place to get some ideas.


You have a pretty, bright-looking shop.  Right when you enter the shop, your colors grab the attention of the shopper.  This is good.

You have 39 items, which is a great start.  The more items you add, the more you will attract different customers.  I see you have been selling jewelry and masks.  Look at the types of products that sell the best and capitalize on them.   Add similar products to bring new customers in.  


It works well if your finest and best-selling listings are your featured listings.  I see you have three right now.  I would add a fourth.  Other ideas for shop listings also include specials (such as three for the price of two, or an item on sale. 


Your tagline is MrMr, but I would consider changing this.

The shop tagline helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and tells what your shop specializes in.  I would put something like:

Fun colorful handmade jewelry and art


I don’t see a shop announcement at the top of your shop.  It is a good idea to add one, as it helps with SEO and is a great place to talk more about what makes your shop special.

In your shop announcement, you can mention that you sell a wide variety of jewelry and talk about what you plan on making in the future.  You can also mention any contests or specials that you may be offering as well. 

It is also a good way to start an email list.  Offer a discount for anyone who leaves their e-mail in the note. 

Here’s an idea:

“We offer fun, one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry and art.  We are constantly looking to add new products.  Want to see something different?  Contact us!  We would love to hear what you would like to see! 

We are adding more necklaces and earrings, so check back soon!  

We would love to see you sign up for our email list!  Include your e-mail address in the comments for…” (x% off, a surprise, etc.)


You have a short about your shop section.  You could add to this to increase SEO. 

Ideas:  mention why you love selling necklaces and jewelry, and why you like the themes that you sell.  Besides just talking about yourself, you can also talk about what you offer the customer and why they should buy from you versus every other shop out there. 

“There’s a ton of jewelry on Etsy, but what motivated me to start my own shop was that I wanted to offer products that were brighter, more fun, and brought back the joys of youth.  Once you hold our beautiful products, you will be taken back to a time of happiness and joy.”


Shop updates are such an underutilized part of Etsy that many shops overlook.  This is where you can really add something to your shop webpage and keep your shop looking more current (which helps with Google and Etsy).  Both Google and Etsy like shops that are constantly being updated.  It shows that you are alive and doing well.  One way to constantly update your shop is by adding shop updates.

You will need the Sell on Etsy app to do this.  Go to More, Marketing, Social Media, and scroll down to shop updates (on the bottom).  There you can add images of your items (the same as the listing images or other images.  I find that people like to see images of the items out in the wild or you making them.  You can even add images of your everyday life if you want.  In each shop update, you get to link one item.  This will be shown on your homepage and seen by all the shops that follow you.  

I would add one at least once a week.  There’s a ton of things you can do with them.


You could consider adding the shipping cost into your item cost, which will help your Etsy search results.  

Your prices seem fair.  Your shop icon and banner are both wonderful.  Your photography is amazing.  It’s perfect for shop updates and Instagram.


You are off to a great start with your shop.  You have sold quite a bit of items and I think that what will help you the most is adding more items and making sure that your titles and tags are all completely maximized.  This was a turning point for my shop.  Once I figured this out, things changed.  

In order of what you should focus on:

1. Make sure your titles and tags use all the space given and are related to what people are searching for.  Don’t be too broad though.  Cat necklace has too much competition.  “Spooky Black Cat” is better because people who search for it know what they want and it’s exactly what you’re selling.  

2.   Fill out your shop by adding a tagline under the title, a shop announcement, and shop updates.  

3.  Add more items to your shop!  I saw you had masks.  Those will bring people into your shop.  

4.  Add a fourth featured listing.

5.  Consider adding social media.  I have found that Pinterest and Instagram work well.  

6.  Consider integrating the shipping cost into your item cost.  

7.  Consider starting an email list for your shop and offering a discount for people who sign up.

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