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5 Interesting Must-See Places to Visit in Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Ukraine is full of interesting cities, and there are many gems in the west that are often overlooked.  Not so far from the border of Slovakia is the historic city of Uzhhorod.  Best known for its castles and proximity to the Carpathian mountains, Uzhhorod is a charming city that has many sights for the traveler who is looking for something a bit different than Lviv, Kyiv, or Odessa.

Uzhhorod is a very green city, and if you visit during the summer months, you will be surrounded by trees no matter where you go.  

If you like nature, mountains, and beautiful surroundings, you can't go wrong in Uzhhorod.  One thing that I really liked about this small city is just how enjoyable it is to walk around.  What made it even better was that it's kind of off the beaten path, but also so close to the European Union.  

If you are visiting Kosice, Slovakia, it's worth taking a side trip to Uzhhorod for a day or two.  


The city's number one attraction is the ancient citadel.  If you like history and castles, it's easy to see why this place is so popular!

One thing that I particularly love about Ukraine (especially the west side), are these ancient forts and castles that let you take a step back into the past.  This particular citadel is constructed in a trapezoidal shape with 15 meter/ 50 feet high bastions.  There is a three-story building with towers in each one of its four corners.  There is even a dungeon that used to house a prison and torture chamber.  Inside is a local history museum.  


Just outside the citadel is a museum of folk architecture.  If you are visiting the fort, you can't miss this exhibit!  In some ways, it's even more interesting.  It's also quite idyllic. 

This folk museum is not unique to Uzhhorod.  In fact, these museums exist around Ukraine and they are all quite interesting for those who enjoy seeing what life looked like in times long past. 

The Trans-Carpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Heritage has many different style houses built around a hill.  As you walk along the circular paths, you will see old wooden style churches, ancient-looking wood and stone houses, and workshops full of relics from long ago.  There is a windmill, watermill, and Guzul houses.  

St. Michael's wooden church, which has stood since the 18th century, is perhaps the local favorite.  Don't miss it!


Uzhhorod is home to some really nice churches that are a must-see for architecture lovers.  The Holy Cross Cathedral and the Roman Catholic Church of St. George are the most famous two.  Both of these are located near the center of the city.  

For those who prefer onion-domed Orthodox architecture, you will be very impressed by the Christ the Savior Cathedral.  This church is located near the bus and train station.  

Even if you are a staunch atheist, you may find the architecture of these churches to be quite impressive!


Close to the center of the city are a few parks that are worth seeing.  

Follow the river embankment, and you will find some quiet places to rest and enjoy nature.  Some of the city parks (such as Bozdosh park) are great for children and families, full of small food stands and even some older amusement park rides.  

During the hot summer days, these parks provide some respite from the heat.  


You can't visit Uzhhorod without enjoying its city center.  Uzhhorod's center has a European feel to it, with small shops, ice cream stands, cafes, and marketplaces. 

 Along the Uzh river is where the action is, as people come and go from the citadel and enjoy the views and people watch. 

 Coffee is a big deal in Uzhhorod, and many people like the taste of local Zakarpattia style coffee. I particularly like the ice cream in Ukraine, and Uzhhorod's ice cream didn't disappoint.

Bonus:  Must-Try Restaurant

As a vegetarian, my favorite restaurant hands down was Ясне сонечко, or "Brightly Sun."  Even if you are not a vegetarian, this restaurant has some of the best vareniki that I have ever had.  They have many options, and their smoothies and drinks are also amazing.  They have outdoor seating as well as a nice indoor area, and the prices are really good.  It's a walk south along Mynaiska street and is somewhat close to the city bus station.  

Ясне сонечко:  Mynaiska St, 6A, Uzhhorod, Zakarpattia Oblast, 88000

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