Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Conornavirus Is Now In Kerala, India

Sunrise in Kovalam.
When I awoke this morning I had read that the coronavirus that is now the talk of the world has reached Kerala in India.  As I am currently in Kovalam, in Kerala, I felt a bit of natural worry when I read this.  A deadly virus is a scary thing.   Yet, this is no cause to panic.  I have been reading the BBC articles over the past couple of weeks about the situation in Wuhan, China, and I wonder how some of my classmates that live in China now are doing.

I wonder, what would the virus look like if it got out of control in India?  I knew this was a possibility, as India and China are not far apart (parts border each other), and there was a case of the virus in Nepal.  Yet, Nepal is quite a bit to the north and I was surprised to see that Kerala was the first place in India that had the virus.

I am not scared at this point, though.  I have no plans on leaving India as of yet.  I hope that the case is fully quarantined and that the person who has it comes out with no issues.  I also pray that a cure is quickly found.  I know that the world has to endure many such viruses as time passes, and I find it interesting that many of these come from animal sources.  No man knows how his time will end, and one can live in fear, or go through life with faith that all things are in the hands of our very capable God.  That's how I personally believe, and that belief has always served me well in life.  After all, we can not trust ourselves to survive.

It seems that the world has been more and more under turmoil these last few years.  I also know that extreme fear is of no use in life.  After all, there are cases in the United States as well as a handful of other countries that are generally considered to be "safe."  Today I read an article stating that many new conspiracy theories have arisen about the disease, including one that says it was purposely created for some kind of population control measure.  It seems that whenever a disease or disaster happens, this idea is pushed by some rogue YouTuber.

I worry more, however, because of Persephone.  I will continue to watch the situation and if it starts to spread, we will consider going to another part of India or to another country in the region altogether.  Until then, there is much of India left to see and much work to be done in life.  

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