Saturday, April 27, 2019

Nuweiba Egypt Travel Notes

Nuweiba is a very quiet place to get some rest and see some of the beauty of the region.


•Nuweiba, Egypt, is a small town on the eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula.
•We reached Nuweiba by bus from Dahab.  The East Delta Bus cost us 45 LE and took about an hour to arrive from Dahab.
•The bus put us near the ferry dock, close enough to walk if we were going to Jordan.  We were just going to Nuweiba to visit.
•You can take GoBus to/from Cairo.

First Impressions:
•We had a room reserved at "Sina Star Camp" which is located closer to Qism Nuweiba (Qism Noweibaa), which is a separate part of the town.  A taxi is required to get here and there were none when we arrived.
•The town is very quiet and seems "off the beaten path."
•This is not Dahab, there are no beach boardwalks and very few shops.

•We visited during Holy Week, but otherwise, are told this place is very quiet and desolate other times of the year.
•Most of the tourists here are from Israel.

Sina Star Camp
•Food is REDICULOUSLY expensive.  We were charged close to $30 for 2 plates of rice and vegetables and a small pizza, which we thought was insane.
•The huts are alright.  We stayed close to the water.  The fleas are not so nice.

Ciao Hotel
•More of a "mini-resort" that is undergoing renovation.
•Very relaxing, friendly staff, very nice pool.
•Would stay here again and recommend.

•There are two restaurants close by.  A Korean restaurant, which we loved, and an Italian place, which we did not try due to liking the Korean place so much.
•The Korean restaurant is far, far cheaper than Sina Star Camp.  You'll pay 75 LE - 100 LE for an average plate.
•There is also a small supermarket close by.  The food is average Egyptian style "junk food" that roadside stalls sell.  The price for a liter of water is 20 LE here instead of 5 LE in Dahab, for comparison purposes.

Go to Nuweiba if:
•You like peace and quiet
•Want to be more off the beaten path
•Don't mind paying more for food
•Want to see the stars
•Don't feel a need to party
•Want to enjoy the sea
•Are content with camping 
•Want to see what authentic Egyptian life is like.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Spring Break: Nuweiba, Egypt

I am writing this from Nuweiba. This trip has given us a lot to think about. It has been about a week since we left Cairo. There is a part of us that is not really enjoying this trip as much as the last couple of trips we took. I think a part of it is that we are almost done and are wanting to finish up with the tasks here. It will be nice to continue life and head to Ukraine again. We both miss it there very much. The other thing is that it is hard to just “relax” and not do anything useful. I feel that I have not really done anything useful or productive in so long, and I miss being productive. In fact, I like to be productive just as I like to travel, and the best journeys are those where I can do something worthwhile during the journey.

Yesterday marked one month since our departure from the United States, and today marks two months until we leave Egypt. To be honest, I kind of wish this break was just a few days long and we could get back to finishing up sooner. That or longer. If the break was longer, we would have likely went to Ethiopia or Kenya, but twelve days was not enough time to justify the flight cost. A short break of just a few days would have been good, to relax a bit, but get back to the tasks at hand. I have never been one to like to let something sit unfinished.

I also realized that I need to bring something for me to do on these “leisure” trips. I usually go on trips where I am kept so occupied, with things like museums, palaces, figuring out how to navigate a new city, etc. However, on this one I have done most of it all before a couple of times, so it’s not really new. And I am feeling extremely cheap on this trip. I don’t want to spend much money at all. Perhaps it is because we are going to be going into another huge life transition and I want to have plenty of money for that, with a large buffer in savings.

I also am not earning as much as I spend (or it’s pretty much even) at this time, and that makes it a bit hard mentally (I do not like speaking more than I earn). I do have all our accommodations in Ukraine and Georgia, minus Odessa, paid for, and all flights covered for this year, so there is little worry there, and that gives me peace of mind. I also expect to be able to earn more than we spend during our stay in the US.

For trips like this, I would like to have things to do.

•physical journals and books to read and write in, so I don’t have to look at a screen all the time.
•Ideas for new products, and to be able to work on those (maybe a checklist of things to create).
•An idea for something to write about, some kind of project.
•A way to exercise. Plans to eat well and be healthy.
•A plan of some kind, with some side trips to give us something to mentally reflect on (museums, cooking classes, markets, day trips, etc.)

This is something to consider for our upcoming trip, as well as our time in Ukraine and Georgia this summer.

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